Shutting down/Stopping the BehaviorTestKit

I am currently using the BehaviorTestKit (BehaviorTestKit) to perform synchronous testing of an actor that I have created. I send the test actor I have created (using BehaviorTestKit#create) my stop message, which upon receiving this returns Behaviors.stopped(), which I have verified with BehaviorTestKit#currentBehavior. Unfortunately shutting down the main actor does not seem to shutdown or stop the BehaviorTestKit. Is there some method that I can used to shutdown the testkit itself? I’ve even added to my test actor to call this.getContext().getSystem().terminate() to try and shutdown the testkit but this does not work either, and I don’t see any shutdown, terminate, or stop method in the javadocs for this class.

I would like to use synchronous testing with the testkit for basic unit-testing of my actors, but without a way to stop the testkit the test just continues to run forever and I have to manually abort it. Is there some method that I am not seeing to shutdown/stop the testkit?