Supported storage options

Hi team,
I am new to Akka and currently I am evaluate storage options for my new project that is gonna use Akka persistence and projection.
After go through the documents, I have 2 questions

  1. For the DynamoDB, do we have any plan to have official plugin? I saw the last update for the Community-developed plugin was 2 years before, and seems it does not support Projection. Is there any other solution to support DynamoDB in Akka?
  2. Is AWS keyspaces fully supported in lastest AkkA with Cassandra plugin? Is there any known issues/bugs?


You have evaluate storage options for your new project. You asked here 2 questions. So may be answers of those questions be like this:

  1. For DynamoDB, there isn’t official plugin from Akka, you can use community plugins for persistence. For projections, you need to a custom solution.

  2. For AWS keyspaces, you have to work with Akka Cassandra plugin. It’s not a officially supported, so check for any limitations. Also, check the latest update related your issue.