Time to live of removed members in CurrentClusterState


(Natalia Zelenskaya) #1

How long do removed members stay in the CurrentClusterState?
If my cluster runs for a year, and it has all the time new members joining and some being removed, will it preserve all of them? Is there a way to set a “time to live” of removed members in the cluster state?
My concern is to have a big set of useless information passing between nodes and consuming memory.

(Patrik Nordwall) #2

They shouldn’t be kept in the CurrentClusterState at all.

There is an internal tombstone marker for removed nodes that is kept around for 24 hours.

(Natalia Zelenskaya) #3

This is strange, some time ago, when I was testing, I remember the new node joining a cluster was receiving a MemberRemoved event for previously removed nodes (I had initialStateMode = InitialStateAsEvents).
I did a test with a current Akka version, I don’s see this behaviour any more.