Typed Actor Roadmap


Is there any sort of roadmap for Typed Actors? Is there a planned status for Akka 2.6? I know that the API is continuing to evolve but is there any sense for how drastic the changes will be at this point?

(Patrik Nordwall) #2

We try to separate such status in two parts.

  1. Ready for production
  2. API is stable and has binary backwards compatibility guarantees

Our first goal it to make it production ready. There shouldn’t be much remaining before we can do that. The progress is slow because we have other things that are higher up in the priority list.

Then it needs something like 4-6 months to gather real world feedback and possible adjustments of the API before we can remove the ApiMayChange label. We don’t expect any major API changes and migration shouldn’t be difficult. The area that is still under discussion is the API for Persistence.