Typed Actor Roadmap

Is there any sort of roadmap for Typed Actors? Is there a planned status for Akka 2.6? I know that the API is continuing to evolve but is there any sense for how drastic the changes will be at this point?

We try to separate such status in two parts.

  1. Ready for production
  2. API is stable and has binary backwards compatibility guarantees

Our first goal it to make it production ready. There shouldn’t be much remaining before we can do that. The progress is slow because we have other things that are higher up in the priority list.

Then it needs something like 4-6 months to gather real world feedback and possible adjustments of the API before we can remove the ApiMayChange label. We don’t expect any major API changes and migration shouldn’t be difficult. The area that is still under discussion is the API for Persistence.


HI @patriknw, is there any update as to when Akka Typed is going to be marked as ready for production? I hear rumours of people actively using it in production (@manuelbernhardt is that your situation?), but it would be good to get an opinion from the Akka team.

I am guessing the Typed Actor core is rock solid by now, but are there any particular areas that are more likely to have issues in production right now? e.g. akka persistence

There has been good progress towards the goals I mentioned earlier and we are very close to declaring it ready for production, but still a few remaining tasks before we can officially do so. It’s still slow progress for the same reason I mentioned before, but it’s getting closer to the top of our list.

You can follow progress in the project board. The best way you can help is to try it out in anger and report issues. We will be responsive to fixing any serious issues.

Thanks for the update. The project board is indeed useful. If I interpret this issue correctly, snapshots can’t be deleted yet, so we may be waiting a little longer.

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I was looking into using Akka Typed for a project - I see here that it was declared production ready some time last year : https://www.lightbend.com/blog/akka-2-5-22-brings-akka-typed-to-production-ready

However… https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/2.5.4/java/typed.html states that it is not advised to use it in production. Could you clear this up?

It’s ready for production and APIs are fully stable since version 2.6.0. It’s the right choice for new projects. Latest version is 2.6.3.

That 2.5.4 doc link you found is old. Latest docs here: https://doc.akka.io/docs/akka/current/typed/actors.html