Unable to find latest version of akka (2.9.3)


My company uses Akka BSL license (for free, we have revenues less than $25m). I cannot find the version of Akka actor 2.9.3 on the Akka repository (I am currently using version 2.8.5 which is available on Maven repository).

I followed the documentation regarding adding the resolver.

resolvers += "Akka library repository".at("https://repo.akka.io/maven")

However, SBT is still trying to get version 2.9.3 from the Maven repository

not foud: https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/typesafe/akka/akka-actor-typed_2.13/2.9.3/akka-actor-typed_2.13-2.9.3.pom

The https://repo.akka.io/maven repository seems empty at first glance, is this normal (see attached photo)?


Hi everyone, I had to add ThisBuild / resolvers += ... to make this work. My problem is solved, have a nice day.

Good to hear that you sorted it out. We switched to a separate repository for Akka 2.9.0 and there is a note in the migration guide about it here but I can see how it is easy to miss that.

Sadly the service we use do not currently support index pages so that you can browse the artifacts like on maven central, so that’s why you got an empty placeholder page. We hope that will be sorted in the future.