I’m using Akka 2.6.4 with scala 2.13 in Java 11.

I’m working to build a Rest Server with Akka-http and for now it’s works very fine.

I having some trouble to implement Multipart, because my Thermal Camera send POST in multipart to my Rest Server but I receive always this error “multipart/form-data part must contain Content-Disposition header with name parameter”.

But only with my “Thermal Camera”, other test for example via curl works fine.
-F "userid=1" -F "filecomment=This is an image file" -F "imagage2=@/Users/devisbalsemin/Downloads/heat.jpg;" localhost:8183/release/test

I’have noted that my camera send filename with ;(semicolon).

> Content-Disposition: form-data; name="TMPA"; filename="TMPA.jpg";
In Scala I’m new, but I don’t saw [https://github.com/akka/akka-http/blob/master/akka-http-tests/src/test/scala/akka/http/scaladsl/unmarshalling/MultipartUnmarshallersSpec.scala](http://Akka-http Test)
that the test condition with semicolon …

Can you help me? Have you workaround please?

this my code

 post(RouteUtils.prefixSlash(HIK, extractRequestContext(ctx -> toStrictEntity(timeout, () -> extractRequest(req -> {
                    if (req.entity() instanceof HttpEntity.Strict) {
                        final HttpEntity.Strict strict = (HttpEntity.Strict) req.entity();
                        CompletionStage<Multipart.FormData> formData = Unmarshaller.entityToMultipartFormData().unmarshal(req.entity(), ctx.getMaterializer()).handle((e, t) -> {
                            if (t != null)
                            return e;

Hi, I’m testing also with Post-man and the multipart works.
I think that problem is the semicolon at the end of filename… I have tested the camera post to my simple node-red (node’s web server) and it work fine.

I ask you if you can check the MultipartUnmarshallersSpec, because my condition was missed, I mean.

Can you help me please to find some workaround I need to move my project sorry…