Visualize Streams

Is there a way to visualize a stream graph? I’m happy to code a little DOT file writer but wondering if there is a java API to to walk the stream graph.


I have a PR in progress (albeit I’m not able to focus on it right now) that extracts an internal testing tool into an object graph that describes running graphs that might be interesting to you:

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Awesome! Thanks for the work on that. That’s big. Happy to help with a small tool that generates .dot files from that.

We already have .dot-generation as test kit code (for assertAllStagesStopped which dumps it on stream leak in tests to figure out deadlocks), not quite sure we want to make that public API though

Just to clarify; contributions that generates nice dot diagrams from the representation in Johan’s PR are very much welcome.

The one Johan mentioned for assertAllStagesStopped is probably showing too much internals to be useful for end users.