When will 10.1.12 be released?

We use bazel for builds. I pulled a fix for http2-support over official 10.1.11. All is good except tests fail with “Detected possible incompatible versions on the classpath. Please note that a given Akka HTTP version MUST be the same across all modules of Akka HTTP that you are using, e.g. if you use [10.1.11+1-304325ba+20200120-0224] all other modules that are released together MUST be of the same version. Make sure you’re using a compatible set of libraries. Possibly conflicting versions [10.1.11, 10.1.11+1-304325ba+20200120-0224] in libraries [akka-http-spray-json:10.1.11, akka-parsing:10.1.11, akka-http2-support:10.1.11+1-304325ba+20200120-0224, akka-http:10.1.11, akka-http-core:10.1.11, akka-http-caching:10.1.11]”. Not sure how I can shut this check otherwise. Thanks