Why no reuse of `Behavior` enclosing class?

Just getting my hands dirty with Akka Typed. In the docs of this heading, under the third code-block, it says,

That’s nice. One thing to be cautious with here is that it’s important that you create a new instance for each spawned actor, since those parameters must not be shared between different actor instances.

As I understand it, this sentence is referring to the Counter class which contains a factory method for a Behavior, and when it refers to “those parameters” it means the fields of the Counter class must not be shared by multiple actors (behaviors). The Counter class itself is not a Behavior, it only contains a factory method.

Why can’t I reuse the class instance, if the parameters of the Counter class are immutable? It is my understanding that this should be (thread-)safe and I have the liberty to do so. Is this a style recommendation, maybe to prevent accidentally shared mutable state, or is it a technical requirement?

If it’s all immutable parameters then nothing to worry about and they can be shared between different actor (spawn) instances. ActorContext an timers are typical parameters that are not immutable and must not be shared.

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Makes perfect sense, thank you.