Akka is died ecosystem?


I’m Elixir developer but love Akka ecosystem. (stream, http, grpc)
but when i search in internet not saw any new article,
all youtube video, conf is older than 2017.

specially play framework i don’t saw anything about it
in internet and all people said it have not good document all
each version have to much different :pensive:

here is not very active.
its dead ecosystem ??

I just migrate part of our pubsub systeam for taobao live to Akka stream. I think Akka is well designed and well documented.
I use Akka in a Java project btw.

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The Akka ecosystem is very much healthy and alive, latest Akka release came just a month ago introducing new features and now providing native Scala 3 artifacts

The lack of new content is probably to some extent related to the pandemic, but a quick search on youtube shows several talks the last year, including this one on the typed actor apis I did for Func Prog Sweden last year

For what is happening with Play framework you can find a write up here: On the future of Play Framework - #16 by mkurz
Play had a new release with the new stewardship just a few days ago.


If you want some more examples of recent presentations/trainings, I did a series of Lunch’n’Learns at my previous company back in late 2020 and early 2021: Akka Lunch'n'Learn Series
They cover Akka Classic and Akka Typed


There are at least more than ten critical systems at alibaba is using Akka to implement the core abilities.The system I maintained powered the live message stream of taobao live and dingtalk group live,and many interactive h5 games in taobao mobile app, such as 斗地主 喵糖 etc.

Both Akka’s code and the reference docs is very clean and well documented ,the project itself is very healthy too, regually update and quickly bug fix, I love it and will choose it where it fit best.


thanks for your good helping

thanks for your good explain