Akka Management - Clarification for version requirements

I’ve noticed the issues and PRs that say Akka Management was upgraded to Akka 2.6 as of the 1.1 update. However, the front Overview page of the documentation still states The current version may be used with Akka 2.5 or 2.6.

We are currently trying to upgrade to HTTP 10.2, but due to requirements beyond our control, we are stuck on 2.5. HTTP 10.2 still supports 2.5, so I was just wanting to get clarification on if it was possible to still use 2.5 with Management 1.1 or if the Overview page needs to be corrected.

I finally managed to finish the development of our service so I could test this myself, and the answer is that the documentation is wrong. I will be putting in a MR to correct it.

Correct, we seem to have missed updating that note in the docs when 1.1.0 was released and 2.5 support was dropped. Sorry about that.