Build time errors for Akka repo in IntelliJ IDE

Hi ,
I was trying to checkout Akka code and contribute to the docs as my first PR. I made the changes in the IDE but while compiling faced some build errors in IntelliJ IDE which seems to be totally unrelated to my changes in documentation. I think there’s some build compiler setting in IntellIJ which seems to be not documented or missing.

The errors are :

object Version is not a member of package akka
object Version is not a member of package akka

not found: type Procedure2
  def forEach(f: Procedure2[I, MessageBuffer]): Unit = foreach { case (id, buffer) => f(id, buffer) }

Can someone help with this or if they faced the same issue?

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Very weird compilation errors, Procedure2 is a class that is also in the same module akka-actor.

I never compile through IntelliJ but use a separate terminal with sbt or the sbt support in IntelliJ so maybe that could be a way to work around it if the problem is when triggering a build inside the IDE.

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separate terminal with set compiling did help. thanks, will close this thread.