Couchbase 3.0.x support for akka-persistence-couchbase or for alpakka


Latest akka-persistence-couchbase plugin for journalling events uses alpakka which internally uses couchbase-client-2.7.13 which seems quite older version.
Can it be possible to update it with the latest couchbase 3.0.x release as it contains major changes with respect to performance, scalability etc which are some of the issues I am facing while using current akka-persistence-couchbase version.

Kindly have a look at the couchbase docs for details explanation :

It seems quite big change in terms of performance as I had verified the same by creating some sample applications.

It’s currently not on our immediate roadmap but you are welcome to contribute with a pull request, or if you are a Lightbend customer we could consider adjusting priorities.

Thanks @patriknw

I had started updating the plugin code base to improve performance so I can contribute with the PR, the performance with this plugin is very bad in comparison with other plugin like the one with cassandra, for eg. Time taken to insert some 2000 entities into cassandra will take around 90 secs but in couchbase took more than 6 mins, same with retrieval also as there lot of N1ql queries used with hardcoded indexes.

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Thanks for contributing!