DS2 project for verifying/model checking Actor-based distributed systems

First, I hope this is ok to post here.

I just finished my PhD Project few months ago, I was busy with the dissertation editing as is the case for many. Now, I have the time to post about that project, that is most relevant to Akka (Akka is actually THE inspiration behind it).

Here is its webpage: DS2 - Distributed Systems Domain Specific Language & Infrastructure
Its repo: Mohammed S. Al-Mahfoudh / ds2 · GitLab

And I can attach my latest unpublished copy of a paper that discusses the two algorithms developed specifically for checking akka actors using improved DPOR space cutting. Just let me know and I will send it.

Please ask me questions, I am aware of the fact that if i did improve the framework a little bit (using scala.meta) I can make symbolic/concolic execution possible too… it also enables stateful (efficiently) backtracking algorithms.

There are few imrpovements planned but I am still a noob in Scala to do them. I want to add a single import statement in order to free the users from having to write the model themselves and to be extracted using macros and implicits for them (from their Akka programs) to be passed to verification algorithms.

Please let me know if you want to be a contributor, things you wish to see, and if i can fix something stupid I did or improve on the way I use scala for achieving this… also any thing you want to see in order to better support Akka.

I forgot to add that the repo isn’t supposed to be as large as that, but I added (back in the days) some big data sets for testing and need to be traced back and removed not to discourage people from cloning it.

Now the project was migrated to github: GitHub - mohdsm81/ds2

the entire project size is 35 mb, and soon I will fork from it to develop DS2F (functional style verification and algorithms/schedulers composition of actor based systems). Will post here when the DS2F is ready for experimenting.