How to use Akka cluster sharding Proxy and ddata together

Used Akka 2.5.x

I created a 3 node Akka Cluster with cluster sharding.
A proxy node connected to it without any role.
I didn’t specified any role.
When i Send message from that proxy node all the shard actors are getting message and processing.
When i Stop a node actors present on that node will not creating in another node.

Previously without ProxyNode the actors are recreated when a node is down.

Now some exception throwing in cluster nodes as

The ShardCoordinator was unable to update a distributed state within 'updating-state-timeout': 5000 millis (retrying). Perhaps the ShardRegion has not started on all active nodes yet? event=ShardHomeDeallocated(4)

Exception in ProxyNode as

 Test: Retry request for shard [1] homes from coordinator at [Actor[akka.tcp://ClusterSys@]]. [25] buffered messages.