Is this the right forum for my needs?


While I am pretty new to Lagom and actually implementing Reactive Microservices (I am very familiar with the concept and the philosophy), I am a seasoned Scala user, though not a software developer by training or experience. My question is: Is this forum appropriate for me to ask for support on nitty-gritties related to my very first microservice project experience? The first project is to (1) read data from an external source (via RESTful), (2) store the data locally in a database, and (3) process the data in another (internal) microservice that saves the processed data in a database locally. The first two items are one service and the last is a separate microservice.

I am using Lagom for the first time to implement this project.

I hope this is the right forum, and if not, please let me know where I should go.

Many thanks,
I. Hussein