Play 2.7.3 released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Play 2.7.3 with binaries for Scala 2.13.

This release contains a small breaking change of an internal API that unfortunately was not marked as such. Make sure you to read the details on the release notes.

The release notes are published in GitHub.




Hi Renato,

thanks for the announcement, but would it make sense to also update the Homepage and Blog to that matter?!


Hi @cbley,

Thanks for point out. I think the website was a mistake. It should have been published. I will check it.

The blog post is on purpose. We decided to not publish a new blog for each minor release. Although I would agree that Scala 2.13 is not a minor thing.

We want to reduce the overhead so we can have minor releases more often. The ideal world that we are aiming is to have a GitHub release followed by a quick announcement here pointing the community to the release page in GitHub.

Major releases like upcoming Play 2.8.0 will have a blog post.

I hope this clarifies.



@cbley, website is now deployed. My bad, I forgot to run a script. Again, bitten by procedures and overhead.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Thank you @octonato for clearing that up! I’m a happy camper now…

It’s great to see Scala 2.13 support! Is the Scala 2.13 support in 2.7.3 considered production ready yet?

yes, of course!

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@octonato Could you update your doc ? I’ve read mistakes that have been corrected on GitHub.
For example There is a mistake in the code to handle assets from sub-project.
Same mistake occurs in Play 2.6 doc.


Can you point out where is the mistake?
The file you linked was edited on GitHub in Feb and the changes are online. I can’t find what you are referring to.



For example this code doesn’t compile:

package controllers.admin;

import play.api.mvc.*;
import controllers.AssetsMetadata;
import play.api.http.HttpErrorHandler;

import javax.inject.Inject;

public class AssetsBuilder extends controllers.Assets {

  public Assets(HttpErrorHandler errorHandler, AssetsMetadata meta) {
    super(errorHandler, meta);

  public Action<AnyContent> at(String path, String file) {
    boolean aggressiveCaching = true;
    return, file, aggressiveCaching);

This has been fixed here:

By this commit:

AssetsBuilder must be replaced by Assets.

But this is still in the doc for all the versions.

There is other examples but I don’t remember where exactly :confused:

Thanks @cyrilfr,

I created a ticket for that so we can better track it on GitHub.



Thanks. The documentation of Play is it’s Achilles’ heel. A better doc would be really appreciated :grinning: