Unable to run after migration from jdk8 to jdk11

In the process of migration from java 8 to 11, spring application failed to start with such error when creating ActorSystem

The following method did not exist:


We were using akka-actor_2.11 version 2.5.3 and upgraded it to akka-actor_2.12 version 2.5.19 as noted in another discussion.

The class ScalaRunTime was found from scala-library-2.11.7.jar which don’t follow the version on mvn. I tried cleaning the m2 repository, and still getting the same issue.

It could be a mismatch of Scala version on one of your dependencies, every Scala library that you use in a project needs to have the same Scala version (as Scala versions those are not binary compatible).

Check the dependency tree and make sure there are no libraries with _2.11 in there.