Using implicit Ftps

Hey guys,

I’m trying to use implicit FTPS.

In the documentation, there is written

Use it to configure any custom parameters the server may require, such as explicit or implicit data transfer encryption.
FTP • Alpakka Documentation

The FTPSClient has a isImpicit flag internally but it’s final.
In the example, I can only modify an already created FTPSClient.

            (FTPSClient ftpClient) -> {
                // ftpClient.setImplicit(true) not possible because its final

How I can configure implicit FTPS?


Looks like the docs are wrong about being able to configure implicit, and that it would need explicit support added in the FTP connector (passing that flag at construction).

I found a very old pull request about that.

There, the flag was skipped because of the configureConnection method.
Also in very old versions of Apache Commons net (e.g. 3.0) the flag is final.
That is confusing.