When is end-of-life for apache-persistence-cassandra on 2.11?


Is there a roadmap for apache-persistence-cassandra on 2.11?

For how much longer can we expect updates on 2.11?

I ask because we have a large application that is built on quite an old version of apache-persistence-cassandra (0.16) and I am building a case for either migrating to 2.12 (which will be complicated for many reasons) or staying on 2.11 (which is risky for lots of reasons).



Note that it is akka-persistence-cassandra, not Apache.

We’ll EOL it together with support for 2.11 in Akka, we usually keep the two latest stable Scala versions supported when we start on a new minor Akka version, AFAIR there is no planned date for that yet though.

2.12 has some other nice aspects over 2.11 and since it has been out for quite a while (2.13 being in milestone 4 by now) it sounds like a good idea to try to migrate, rather than have to do it in panic at som future point in time ;)