Akka gRPC 1.1.0 released

ar hakkers,

We’re happy to announce version 1.1.0 of Akka gRPC!

gRPC is a transport mechanism for request/response and
(non-persistent) streaming use cases. See
Why gRPC? for more
information about when to use gRPC as your transport.


Changes since 1.0.x

Akka gRPC 1.1.0 requires Akka 2.6.x and Akka HTTP 10.2.x.

This release introduces a new, experimental client backend powered by Akka-HTTP. The default backend is still the classic client implemented using grpc-java which is based on Netty. You can enable the new backend using akka.grpc.client."*".backend="akka-http". The Akka-HTTP backend for gRPC is built using the Akka HTTP client support for HTTP/2 introduced in Akka HTTP 10.2.3. The Akka-HTTP backend for Akka gRPC client is released as a preview and the recommendation for general purpose usage is still the existing, netty-based backend.

For a full list of changes see the releases overview


For this release we had the help of 8 contributors – thank you all very much!

Commits Added Removed Author
   22    1667     664 Arnout Engelen
    5     105      70 Ignasi Marimon-Clos
    3      96      18 Enno Runne
    3      72      87 Johannes Rudolph
    2      35       6 Enno
    2     166     155 Boris
    2     153       8 Brice Jaglin
    1      67      12 Sebastian Alfers
    1       1       1 Alden Torres
    1     100       2 Andrea Peruffo
    1       4       2 Tao Wenzhi

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Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team