Alpakka 3.0.0-M1 is now available!

Dear Hakkers,

The Alpakka contributors are happy to announce Alpakka 3.0.0-M1 .

Alpakka is compatible with Akka 2.6.13+. All modules are published for Scala 2.12 and Scala 2.13.

In Alpakka 3.0.0-M1, we no longer build against Akka 2.5.x or publish Scala 2.11 artifacts. Most libraries Alpakka uses are updated to their latest patch versions. Please try out your Alpakka connectors of choice from this Milestone and report any issues you may find.

A special thanks to @armanbilge for completing his rewrite of the Google Cloud BigQuery connector and introducing a new Google Common library to share cross-cutting concerns across all the Google Cloud connectors, and @mrooding for updating many of the connectors to Akka 2.6.

Notable changes since 2.0.2

Release notes

The full release notes are in the documentation .

Akka by Lightbend

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Happy hakking,
Your Alpakkas