Is it possible to delete the lagom-internal-meta-projects?

The SBT Lagom plugin adds 3 internal meta projects that have a very specific utility for development purposes:

  override def extraProjects = Seq(serviceLocatorProject, cassandraProject, kafkaServerProject)

Is there a way to completely eliminate these extra projects?

Currently, these cause problems w/ binary compatibility problems.
My project uses Scala 2.13.8 and I get errors like this:

sbt:caesar-services-bi> lagom-internal-meta-project-service-locator/update
[error] stack trace is suppressed; run last lagom-internal-meta-project-service-locator / update for the full output
[error] (lagom-internal-meta-project-service-locator / update) found version conflict(s) in library dependencies; some are suspected to be binary incompatible:
[error]         * org.scala-lang.modules:scala-java8-compat_2.12:1.0.2 (early-semver) is selected over {0.8.0, 0.9.1}
[error]             +- com.lightbend.lagom:lagom-akka-management-core_2.12:1.6.7 (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +- com.lightbend.lagom:lagom-javadsl-jackson_2.12:1.6.7 (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +- com.lightbend.lagom:lagom-api_2.12:1.6.7           (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +- com.lightbend.lagom:lagom-dev-mode-ssl-support_2.12:1.6.7 (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +- com.lightbend.lagom:lagom-scaladsl-play-json_2.12:1.6.7 (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +- com.lightbend.lagom:lagom-logback_2.12:1.6.7       (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +- com.lightbend.lagom:lagom-service-registry-client-core_2.12:1.6.7 (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +- (depends on 1.0.2)
[error]             +-                 (depends on 0.9.1)
[error]             +-         (depends on 0.9.1)
[error]             +-            (depends on 0.9.1)
[error]             +- com.typesafe.akka:akka-actor_2.12:2.6.17           (depends on 0.8.0)
[error] this can be overridden using libraryDependencySchemes or evictionErrorLevel

This makes importing such a project with Intellij impossible because Intellij’s SBT plugin updates all SBT projects.

Any suggestions?

  • Nicolas.

I found a workaround thanks to @eed3si9n: sbt 1.5.0 · eed3si9n

ThisBuild / libraryDependencySchemes += "org.scala-lang.modules" %% "scala-java8-compat" % "always"

This at least allows me to import the project in Intellij.

If anyone knows how to delete the 3 lagom internal projects, please let me know!

  • Nicolas.