Issue with sbt-pack plugin xerial.sbt.Pack.packSettings

facing issues with xerial.sbt.Pack.packSettings
error: object Pack is not a member of package xerial.sbt (import xerail.sbt.Pack.packSettings)
error: not found: value packAutoSettings,
error: not found: value packSettings packSettings ++Seq(,
error: not found: value publishPackArchives ) ++ publishPackArchives

I am working on scala sbt upgradation project from (Jdk 1.8, scala 2.11.12, sbt 0.13.16) to (Jdk 1.8, scala 2.12.17 and sbt 1.3.0) and plugins.sbt file updated from addSbtPlugin(“org.xerial.sbt”%“sbt-pack”%“0.7.4”) to addSbtPlugin(“org.xerial.sbt”%“sbt-pack”%“0.20”)

One of the suggested solution from stackoverflow is to use plugins.sbt file in Project/project/plugins.sbt instead of Project/plugins.sbt didn’t work.


When upgrading your Scala and SBT versions from JDK 1.8, Scala 2.11.12, and SBT 0.13.16 to JDK 1.8, Scala 2.12.17, and SBT 1.3.0, you’re encountering issues with the sbt-pack plugin. The errors suggest that sbt-pack settings like Pack.packSettings are not being recognized. To resolve this, first confirm that sbt-pack version 0.20 is compatible with SBT 1.3.0 and Scala 2.12.17 by checking the plugin documentation. Ensure your build.sbt or Build.scala file includes the correct import statements, such as import xerial.sbt.pack.PackPlugin.autoImport._, and necessary configurations like enablePlugins(PackPlugin) and packSettings. Try cleaning your project with sbt clean and rebuilding with sbt compile to clear any cached configurations.

Thank you