Java 9+ module question

I have an application that needs to use some java.awt.* packages for rendering images, and these are only available in the java.desktop module. What is the best practice to pull in the java.desktop module:

  1. Add the “–add-module java.desktop” compiler argument somewhsere in the sbt build file (how do I do this?)

  2. Define a file (where would I put this in the standard play app structure? under the “app” directory?)

Is there anything in particular you need from Java9+ ? At the moment, Java’s Module System is not certified with Play/Lagom ( )
so if possible, its better to stick to Java 8 for the moment.

No there isn’t anything I need from Java 9+ yet, I just assumed that it was time to upgrade since Java 9 has been around for a while now. Sticking with Java 8 is no problem – good to know that is the recommended action for now – thanks.