Running Play 2.3.9/Scala 2.11.6/Java 8 application on JRE 11


I have an application developed/compiled on Play 2.3.9, Scala 2.11.6 and Java 8. Now, we plan to move the run time environment from Java 8 to 11. According to, it recommends to use Java 8 to compile the scala code. I tried running the existing application jar files (compiled in java 8) on JRE 11 and I didn’t see any errors.

Do you see any potenial issues if I continue running my application (compiled under java 8 ,Play 2.3.9, Scala 2.11.6) and run on JRE 11? Or it is better to migrate to a newer Play version and Java?


The main potential issue I can think of would be libraries you have that may not be compatible with the new Java module system, and I think those issues only manifest during runtime and not compile time. So it really depends on what you are using in your project.