Thinking about new project in PlayJava, backend only with form upload

Over time a lot of options have been added as to split and pick parts you need for your project.

So I’m wondering how I best set up in the following scenario:

I intend to write a REST API backend, without a frontend, but with form upload.
Far as I understand, the form upload module or the module that does checks on uploads is still part of the frontend(twirl or something else)?

Is this the case? What do I do best?

Also, Java8 is still the default I suppose? Or is it safe to go a version higher?

You can start with PlayService and add modules as you need. Of course, these modules will bring other dependencies transitively.

Java 8 still the default, although our samples run successfully in Java 11 too.


Also here is an overview which plugins Play provides:
And here are the settings:

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