Play framework is not working in intellij

HI, I am on Mac High Sierra using Intellij 2018.2.5. In intellij I am generating a sample app:
Lightbend project starter -> Play Scala starter example

If I run the sample app via command line everything works fine. perhaps not relevant but I have a Non-play scala app works fine in intellij. When I try to use the sample app through Intellij it simply will not work

following Play website:

Create a new Run Configuration – From the main menu, select Run -> Edit Configurations
Click on the + to add a new configuration
From the list of configurations, choose “SBT Task”
In the “tasks” input box, simply put “run”
Apply changes and select OK.
Now you can choose “Run” from the main Run menu and run your application

Attempting to do this results in error “.sbt/launchers/0.13.8/sbt-launch.jar (No such file or directory)”

using Intellij guide linked on Play website:

If you want to run the application:
In the project tool window, right-click the application.
In the context menu, select Run Play 2 App.

Will result in “Error running ‘Unnamed’: Cannot find Play 2 install dir”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you downloaded the Scala plugin? If so, just navigate to your SBT file and open it as a new project.

Yes I have.

I don’t use the Play plugin, just the Scala plugin. Play is just an sbt application, so that is really all you need. I would try to simply load the raw sbt application. Just create a new application, navigate to the build.sbt file, and open.