Play website inner analytics - what to choose?

Hey, I have music related website and I want to build simple track plays analytics for users who upload their music. Let’s say I want to store track plays in form of user_id, track_id, date, ip_address. I know that in one month I have about 1 million track play events. I use MySQL as main database for website but I feel like it’s not a good idea to store such amount of data there. Also I would like to retrieve useful statistics from that storage, for example track plays in specific date range, grouped by day/month/year. Generally I’ll gather other user activity too but track plays are biggest. So it seems MapReduce technique will work fine here, I heard about Spark but I’m not quite familiar with that and idk if it’s best option for such small task. What technologies you could suggest for such task? (Play 2.7, Scala)