Gradle plugin for 2.7 or 2.8

The current state of affairs on the gradle plugin for playframework is that it only supports Play 2.6 and has created a lot of strife for developers. Are there any instructions on setting up play framework with a MavenLocal plugin? A good blog post will do as well.

For maintainers please take a second to advise on getting Gradle plugin to tip, just because we move out the software model is no excuse to neglect a whole community that relies on their grade build tooling.

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A slack channel has been created :

It seems basic 2.7 support has been on master for a while (, but there hasn’t been a 0.10 release yet since.

Seems like 2.8 support is almost there ( but looking for a contributor to do the last mile.

There’s no way to build Play 2.x application with Maven as far as I’m aware.