Print DependencyTree from SBT - a minor tip


Just wanted to tip everyone about the sbt-dependency-graph ( plugin to SBT.
We just completed a lengthy migration from Play 2.6 to 2.7, and at the end we also went from Scala 2.12.8 to 2.13.1. Upgrading to Scala 2.13.1 took way too much time because some of our dependencies had conflicting versions of dependencies and it was hard to find out which one of our direct dependencies that caused this.
It was first when I stumbled upon sbt-dependency-graph and could do a “sbt dependencyTree” that I with ease found the culprits.
E.g. play2-pdf-1.9.1 depends on Play-2.7.0 which have conflicting akka versions with Play 2.7.3 ++.

I hope this can help someone save some time in the future.

Kind regards,